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My Goals/ Resolutions for 2017 | Mid year Update

Many people during what we call ‘The Dead days’ (the days between boxing day and New Years Eve), create Goals or New Year Resolutions. Personally I never have liked the stigma attached to ‘New Years Resolutions’. The amount of times people have told me that they wish they had never set ‘targets’ that they feel like they have to achieve, I could be rich… jks. However this year I decided to create a list of goals. Goals I hope to achieve within the year, but could carry on in the nest few years. By this I mean if I start making progress towards a goal within this year, I feel like I have achieved something therefore am likely to eventually I achieve it. Obviously I’m aware that currently its mid-end of july now, however I decided today to see how my goals have changed since January, and if I feel like I’m moving towards these goals I would be happy to achieve.


  • Aim to read 10 books by December 31st
  • Eat more of a balanced diet
  • Try and tone up, aiming to lose between 1st to 2st. – would like my weight to be about 10st and below.
  • Pass my Theory Test
  • Pass my Driving Practical Test
  • Get into Sheffield Hallam University
  • Purchase a MacBook using my own money
  • Be Happy
  • Live Life
  • Visit 5-10 places outside Sheffield
  • Join a Gym
  • Attempt a workout month Challenge
  • Post a photo a day on Instagram
  • Reach 350 followers on Art Instagram
  • Reach 50 followers on my blog

The goals in Red have been scraped. The goals in green I have already completed and the goals in pink I have started to work towards. Anything else I haven’t started yet.

I have started reading books this year to try and achieve reading 10 books. The reason I have decided to read more books this year, even though 10 is not a lot at all, I feel the need to read more often. so far this year I have read 1 book …. opps haha I have read Frozen Charlotte which I mention in my last post (Click Here to view it) I’m going away in the next few months so hopefully with have more time to read now college is finished. I plan to start reading The Bone Season (the first book in a series by Samantha Shannon), If I was your Girl by Meredith Russo and the next book in the mortal instruments (I believe I’m on the third book City of Glass, but need to double check haha).

Eating a Balanced Diet is a goal I have been wanting to slow achieve. The amount of junk food available nowadays is huge. I end up living of these fast food and takeaway place by being a student. So this year I wanted to try and eat much more beneficial foods but still having a treat now and again. So far personally I feel like I’ve improve hugely. I still have bad days like right now I’m eating some Nutella but hey hoo.

This goal is one of the goals that I hope to achieve regardless how long it takes. Currently I’m a size 10 on top which I’m completely find with me, just feel the need to tone up a little, and on bottom I’m a size 12. Even though numbers shouldn’t matter, the stigma attached to women and diets online hugely affects women’s self esteem by implying us women to be a certain size. I hope one day I will fit in a size 10 overall. Currently I’m 11st 1lb, and I hope one day I will be 10st. Obviously I’m not going to lose weight drastically, I’m aiming to feel better in myself and create small victories, not just for myself but to show others that you don’t have stop eating drastically and exercise over the top. That is more likely to cause harm. I’m just doing this to feel better for me that’s all.

Passing my Theory Test was a goal set in January, I didn’t expect to achieve this goal until this month, However I achieve this goal on the 2nd March. I never expected to do well on my first Theory Test, especially as I had Art Deadlines to meet the following week and hadn’t really revised solid till 2 weeks before. However test day I achieved way beyond what I expected of a score of 49/50 on the multiple choice section and 59/75 on the Hazard perception section. I scored zero on one clip which I knew of and honestly I thought at least 3 clips I scored zero and was convinced that I had failed.

Currently I’m having driving lessons towards passing my practical driving test. All I will say about this is I have booked my driving test to pass within this year.

As well as passing my driving test, this year I set a goal of getting into university. Specific Sheffield Hallam University. At the end of April this goal was achieved even though 2 months before I actual had my place. That is for another story. like and comment for my experience on the application process for university if you wont like that. Basically I had an extremely hard time choosing my university choice but decided to stay at home in Sheffield. Sheffield Hallam University is the university I’m going to in September after receiving an unconditional offer and I couldn’t be happier.

Purchasing a MacBook on my own was a personal achievement on my own. This was a goal of mine so I could reduce my student debt. In the end I didn’t purchase a MacBook. The reason why is because Ineeded a laptop which could handle Autodesk CAD Inventor for my Unit course. I brought a Dell inspiron 15 7000. This laptop is the best laptop for CAD and in the end cost me £1100 in total, all my own cash and I’m proud of that.

Two quotes I wanted to live by this year were Be Happy and Live Life. I felt like in the last year I haven’t been able to do this as much as I have been so tied down with A levels. I have been working towards these goals this year. One thing I have done is booked tickets to Boardmasters Festival this august. I’m not a party gal at all and this is a huge step for me to do things that have an element of thrill-seeking and personally I feel so happy that I have done this.

Leading on from living life to the full, I wanted to visit 5-10 places outside Sheffield this year. So far I have done this goal and I still have many other visits planned. This year so far I have visited:

  • Lisbon – Portugal, Belem and Cascais
  • Leicester
  • Lincoln
  • Huddersfield
  • York

This year so far I have the following planned

  • Cornwall- I will be touring Cornwall so likely am going to be exploring many small places and will document to reference.
  • Tenerife – main family holiday

That’s all I have planned so far. so I have decided to change my goal to 7-12 places. so lets see how I get on at the end of the year.

I wrote a goal to join the gym at some point. Currently I dance and don’t feel the need to go to the Gym so eventually when the time comes to stop dance I will join a gym.

Attempt a workout challenge one month is a goal I felt like would be beneficial for me to do. currently I haven’t made any progress towards this but I hop to start this beginning of august up to the end of Tenerife in mid September.

Posting a photo a day challenge I have scraped due to not feeling like I wanted to do it anymore. I didn’t have the passion and its hard to have a photo to post a day. I also didn’t want to spam my followers either hence why I scraped this goal.

Lastly my goal is to achieve 350 followers on my Instagram and 50 followers on my blog. Currently I feel like this is over ambitious considering how slow growth my Instagram has become. I plan to keep my 50 followers goal on my blog and lower my Instagram goal to 260 followers.

I would like to hear your guys goals for this year and weather you even set goals or resolutions.

See you later Art nerds