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Get to Know Me- Relaunch of Artwithatwisthlm | 20 General Facts About Me Tag

Hello Art Nerds!!!

No long no see. I cant remember went I actually have used this blog as an actual blog :/ Sorry about that guys. However, I plan to start posting on this blog a lot more. I will try once a week, now I’m free till September and don’t have any plans apart from some events and holidays before I start university. So to celebrate the relaunch of my blog, I have decided to do 20 General Facts about me tag. I wanted to share more about me hence me doing this. If you guys would like to see more of an Artist based 20 facts tag, comment down below or on my Instagram @artwithatwisthlm #art_twisthlm20factsmore. So lets not ramble and get on with it :).

Fact 1) My Name is Hannah which was chosen to continue the family traditional. By this I mean the use of ‘ANN’ in names. As you can see my name of h’ANN’ah features this name which is popular throughout my mum’s side of the family. My nan’s middle name is ‘ANN’, my Mum’s middle name is ‘ANN’ and one of my cousins middle names is le’ANNe’ So my name was really given even though the other names considered for me had no connection. E.G: Krystal, Victoria or Alexa where also considered.

Fact 2) My Name is a Palindrome. If you don’t know what a Palindrome is or means, this may help. ‘a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards, e.g. madam or nurses run’. My name Hannah does this which is one quality that I love about it, but nowadays its so popularly in my opinion.

Fact 3) I share a birthday with my Grandad. So my birthday is shared with my grandad every year. Even though he’s not my blood grandad, he’s always and will be my grandad, as he’s the one I have always known to be my grandad as I haven’t ever known my actual grandad. Sharing our birthdays together, I feel like we have grown closer together.

Fact 4) My Birthday. My Birthday is December 31st, also more known as New Years Eve and the last day of the year. Not much more to say about this haha

Fact 5) Can Never Say my birthday is Next Year. As my birthday falls on the last day of the year, I can never say my birthday is next year apart from when it is my birthday. This is because the day after my birthday is January 1st, the first day of the year.

Fact 6) I have danced since I was 6. I started dancing from 6 years old doing Ballet, before moving onto Tap, then Acro, and Jazz and Freestyle. I still continue to dance today but in the foreseeable future is likely to quit due to university and opportunities.

Fact 7) My Cousin is Billy Sharp. Sheffield United FC Captain. Don’t need to say much more….  

Fact 8) I Have worked in retail for 2 years. I’m not going to say where I work for security but yeah 🙂

Fact 9) I studied A levels and a Diploma. The reason why this happened is saved for another day but yes I’m classed as a ‘year behind’ but I’m okay with that now.

Fact 10) I’m Nineteen Years Old. 1997 makes me a 90s kid wooo.

Fact 11) I only enjoy listening to music in the car. This is because I have sensitive ears meaning headphones are really not great for me, and after a while my head hurts from listening to music so yeah. I cant wait to pass my driving test though so I can drive and sing as you do haha I hope I’m not the only one… let me know.

Fact 12) Favourite Singers. Ed Sheering, Ellie Goulding, Adele and Shaun Mendes. Just really love all there music not much more to say.

Fact 13) Favourite Bands. That Take because after seeing them live ahhhhh!!!!, Busted and Mcfly as they were my punk rock childhood and seeing them on tour together as one TWICE is the best thing alive!!!! One republic is the best band to listen to whilst concentrating on project deadlines, The 1975 because I feel so happy listening to them, and finally SMALLPOOLS!!!! Majority of you probably have no idea who they are but trust me, this small band with like 30k followers on Instagram are amazing. Was introduced to them last year by my BF and never looked back since.

Fact 14) I’m from Northern England and I have a raspy voice like a man. Northern girl at heart, but Jeeves my voice is rapsy so much regardless if I’m ill or not.

Fact 15) I’m an aspiring Interior Designer who hopes to have her own business at home. This is because I love creating a environment into an exciting space but I love to please people and if I can achieve that through my designs, it would be amazing especially at home where I can have a family life and travel more. I love Travel even though I can get anxious flying sometimes, its just a great adventure.

Fact 16) I have travelled abroad alone before… well without my parents. This year I travelled with a few friends to Lisbon in January on a art ‘college’ trip. The reason I put the word college in speech marks is for another day, but basically I survived by myself and with friends as “college” is useless. So flying alone to a country I have never been too and from London Stansted, which is an airport I have never been to, so was exiting and nervous.

Fact 17) Favourite Colours. Yellow, Green and Orange are my favourite colours as of right now! I don’t know if its because its summer or what but these colour together with tropical green prints AHHH!!!. I also love the simple look of whites and greys. I just think they are a beautiful, pretty colour.

Fact 18) Huge Harry Potter Fan!!! Being lucky enough to grow up with Harry Potter, I just love it! The World, The Plot, The characters, ALL OF IT. I’m both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw 🙂 Basically I believe I’m a Hufflepuff in and out but according to the Sorting Hat Quiz, I’m a Ravenclaw :/  

Fact 19) Favourite Book. My favourite book is a single standing book as of now. Frozen Charlotte is just amazing. I have no words to descript it apart from that it hooks you in and I read the book within 3 days, which for me in good as I’m a slow reader. Its about these ‘charlotte’ dolls which original was played with children in a foster home 100 hundred years before and now the house is a home for a family, the dolls are free again . I don’t want to ruin it but honesty I love Fit. The prequel to the book  is expected this October called Charlotte Says!!!! The same month as Stranger Things 2 comes out on Netflix!!!

Fact 20) Favourite Animal. Owls are my life. honestly I have so much owl related objects its kind of ridiculous. But I also really love unicorns. Yes many of you may disagree that Unicorns are animals but I love them and I believe in majestic things, just like mermaids so yeah 🙂 be kind is what I’m trying to say.

If you’re still reading this comment ‘I like Pie below’. Anyways this is the tag finished. I hope you liked this and I plan to continue to post. As for now its goodbye, but remember to follow my Instagram at @artwithatwisthlm and my personal one @hannaalou1997 when I’m not posting art related stuff.

Also Chelsie If your reading this hiya 😛 | You should follow Chelsie on her Instagram @ChelsieApple and her YT with the same user as she is my Internet Bestie and she is about to go in labor anyday and really could do with some love x

See you later Art nerds