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During September 2016 to the end of October 2016, I was given the opportunity to participate in some life drawing classes. I had never done any life drawing before this and honestly had no idea how it would plan out. On this post is all my life drawings I have done over these 6/7 weeks. For a more zoomed in portfolio, check my behance account (link on about me page).




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Life Drawing

Work In Progress

Life Drawing Class #2

On 27th September 2016, I experienced my second life drawing class. In this class, we looked at adding shadowing and creating marks with different medium and experimenting with mixed media.

The mediums I have used are:

  • Oil Pastels and Charcoal
  • Oil Pastels and Watercolour
  • Charcoal and Pastels

My Oil Pastel life drawing was inspired by Picasso, I can really see an improvement to last weeks life drawings and I can really see the volume and the proportions are even. My Watercolour and Oil Pastels life drawing was inspired by De Kooning. My intentions were to use bright colours, majority neon. However, my proportion of the drawing wasn’t as accurate. Something to work on next lesson. The Charcoal and Pastels life drawing is excellent for my first freehand life drawing (not in pencil) in colour. However, I need to work on marking shadowing and highlighting areas. I can work on my next life drawing creating a black and white version similar to Jenny Saville’s triple figures.

Overall, I was pleased with my 3 life drawings for my second life drawing class ever! defiantly one of them will appear on my Digital Portfolio.

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Work In Progress

Life Drawing Class _ #1

Hey artists 👍🏻 on the 20th September 2016 I went to my first ever life drawing class. I was slightly anxious as I have never done life drawing before and my previous experiences of life drawing as in people’s faces for artist research and hands etc hasn’t been my speciality.

I plan to add posts here of my life drawing and to look back on how it has improved over the next few months etc ☝🏻️😎

This particular life drawing session we looked at proportion, volume and scale 👘. I’m not the best at it but I want to share it regardless as its my work and my development in my career.

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