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Current Favourite Art Supplies

A question I get asked a lot is what art supplies I use, more specifically what are my favourite Art supplies to use. Currently being a student, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive art brands so I do have a gap in my art collection in term high end, however I still have a few favourites of mine I constantly use I thought I would show you. so here is my favourite current art supplies.


  1. Daler Rowney Graduate Acrylic 120ml

I currently have the colours Phthalo Blue, Titanium White, Black, and Pearl Black. I love these acrylic paints so much. Normally I use the cheap little tube paints from places like The Works and WHSmith. These paints are the only paints that I have found that are creamy and a little goes a long way. With other paints I have, I found that I have to use majority of the colour to paint an average surface area. With these Paints I can dilute the paint with water and still have a very opaque colour. I hundred percentage recommend these paints to any artist regardless if your a beginner or advance because they are high quality and cheap retailing at £3.60 for 120ml.

FullSizeRender[305]       2. Daler Rowney Simply Gold Taklon 7pcs acrylic Brush Set.  This brush set was given to me as a gift by a friend. It contains the 8 Flat Shader, 1/4 Angle Shader, 3/4 Flat Wash, 4 Filbert, 6 Round, 2 Round, and 1 Liner. These brushes are specifically designed for acrylic paints but can be used for oil and watercolour as well. I find that these brushes are easily workable and perfect for beginners who want something more than cheap brushes from places like B&M and The Works. Also these are the first few brushes that I have own from an Art Brand. Before these I have cheap, hard to work with brushes, so even though these brushes are my favourite ones I have currently, this can easily change wants I start to grow my collection with more high end brands. These brushes are also really afford for beginners retailing at £4.50 / 64p per a brush.


3. PÊBÊO Studio Acrylics Auxiliaries Modelling Paste High Density .  This Art Product became an instant favourite when I was in my first year of A levels. My Friend on my course has a craft room which contains all different art supplies influenced by her mum. I was introduced to Modelling Paste by her to create texture to my work, and to explain better what Modelling Paste is I have a definition below from Google.

“Molding, or modeling paste is an acrylic medium that is filled with solid material. The result is a thick “pasty” white substance that can create a controlled textural surface. Molding paste is an opaque white when it dries.”

This product is extremely easy to work with before it dries, however one dislike I have is that I find it hard to clean my palette knifes afterwards, so if anyone has any tips on how to reduce this or knows what equipment I should use to apply modelling paste, let me know below :). Overall, I just love the result of this product, especially as I can paint, pastel whatever over it.  Its defiantly one of a kind supply I have in my art collection. retailing at £2.19 on amazon for 100ml — BARGAIN!!!!



4. Inscribe Pastels 48 colours MPS. These Pastels have been the only pastels I have ever own.  I have loved these pastels after purchasing them 4 years ago. however as you can see the colours have blended on each other or have cracked now 😦 . This is mainly the reason I have decided for university to purchase a different brand – Faber- Castell, even though these are the pastels my university have recommended me to have. Even though these pastels now have got past their best, They have been great for me to develop my artistic skill over the years. If you are new to art and want to start with basic pastels these pastels I would highly recommend. If 48 colours are too much you can buy smaller packets of 12 or 24. These retail at £12.99, but currently amazon has them for £7.24 for 48 pastels/ 15p per pastel.


5. Daler Rowney 6pcs 2 in 1 Calligraphy Marker Set .  These Calligraphy Pens are again on of my most unique pieces in my art collection. I saw these maybe 3/4 years ago on offer at Sainsburys and decided to treat myself. I love how these pens flow and how smoothly I can create marks with them. I don’t particularly use these pens for Calligraphy  I know don’t yell at me haha but use them for as fine liners and to make title pages for my art work when I was at college. One feature I do enjoy about these markers is that the pens are 2 in 1, where there is a thin and a thick tip. I mainly have used the thin side for outlines and the thick part for filling in. I hope one day to get into calligraphy at some point where I hope to expand my creative skills and knowledge. These Pens currently retail at £16.99 / 2.83 per a pen, which is quite expensive for beginners, but there are many alternatives for these on the market. 🙂 I would recommend these more for the intermediate skilled.


6. Winsor and Newton Premarket Student Design Set. These ProMarkers are the latest addition to my art supply collection. I have only learnt at these pens in the last year whilst studying at art diploma. These pens in my opinion can be used for all art students or just artistic people in general however, I can see why they are targeted at certain groups. These groups are designers in general so architects, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers, Product and furniture Designers and finally Games Designers. They are the best pens I have found to use to colour in designs and WIP work. There smoothly and are extremely pigmented to began with. My only downside with these pens is that they van dry up quite quickly for the cost of them. I brought my original set above in January and the last time I used them was end of may and some colours have started to dry out. They retail at £59.99 which is extremely expensive but I’m afraid is a fraction of the price of extremely good quality brands, but amazon currently are selling them for £33.31. A 44% saving. However, if you are a beginner, normal felt tips might me a better option before purchasing these. For university, like the pastels, I am using a new brand called KureColor which the university have recommend me to buy.


7. Brian Clegg Waterproof Drawing Ink 600ml  This is the only Indian Ink I have owned myself. The term Indian Ink in reality is just drawing Ink. I love using it to create designs, and adds so much more depth in my artwork. I really love this massive 600ml and still have not even used half of it and its been over 2 years since I first purchased this. I know its not the best to use, with what is currently on the market. However, When I purchased this it was for me to learn and practice with ink, hence why I didn’t spend so much in case of spillage. You can buy different colours in drawing ink but yet to purchase any. Currently this ink is unavailable to buy but you can find alternative on eBay and amazon for cheap deals. If you are new to calligraphy or drawing ink I would recommend hugely to purchase cheap and in bulk drawing ink before moving up the ladder.


8. WHSmith Watercolour Tube Paints Set  . Finally I can not forget my watercolour tube collection. I was kindly given this 24 set as a birthday present many years ago and still have not used 1/4 of any tubes. Hugely pigmented and a small drop goes a long way as each paint needs to be diluted in water to give a watercolour effect. I do own watercolour ‘bricks’ or ‘solids’ but I prefer these. probably not the best for travelling – I prefer the Winston and Newton Travel set 24 for travelling as it includes a paint brush and 4 mini palettes in a tin. Anyways these colours work smoothly and just suit my style of art. Currently I wouldn’t use any other brand due to how I am quite happy with these but in the future I may do. These Paints retail on WHSmith’s website at £12.99 but currently are on offer for Back to School at £9.74/ 40.5p per a colour , a saving of 25%. I would recommend any skill and ability to purchase these.

I hope you enjoy this little blog post 👍🏻 sorry for not posting for over a week.. I have been busy with personal stuff. Anyways let me know your Current favourite Art supplies in the comments below, make sure to like this post and to follow my blog to miss anymore posts from me 👌

See you later Art nerds



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